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Power Washing Services

Do you wish to remove mud, loose paint, chewing gum, grime, dust and other kinds of dirt from your walls, windows or floor? Or would you like to clean your driveway or patio and leave it sparkling clean? If you have replied yes to any of these questions or both of them, there is no doubt that you are looking for a company that provides power washing services. If your premises is located in Lehigh Acres, FL or any of the areas that are close by, finding a dependable company that provides power washing services should not be a big concern. You should not be worried about where to find a company that provides cleaning services because you can get all the help that you require from Mr. Clean Windows.

Mr. Clean Windows is a firm that is committed to delivering excellent services to all its customers. We have been doing different types of cleaning work for several years. Our employees are skilled and experienced because they are well-trained and have also been doing different types of tasks over the period that we have been in business. In addition, we provide continuous training in order to constantly improve the expertise that we have. We have also made notable investments in equipment in order to be in a position to provide high-quality services consistently. As such, you can always bank on us if you are looking for a reliable company that does cleaning work. 

Therefore, if you are in Lehigh Acres or any other area that is close by such as Bonita Springs, Naples, and Clearwater, you should not hesitate to reach us if you need services such as power washing. Please get in touch with us any time using the contact details that we have provided on our website at

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